The Divi Theme provides an option to add a menu to the footer, between the footer widget area and the bottom bar (where the copyright text and the social media icons are), like in the image below:

Align footer links in Divi

By default, the links are aligned to the left. In this post, you will learn how to move the footer links to the center or right.

How to Align Footer Menu with CSS

You can align Divi footer menu, either to the center or to the right using one of the following CSS snippets:

Align The Footer Menu to The Center:

#et-footer-nav .container {
text-align: center;

Align The Footer Menu to The Right

#et-footer-nav .container {
text-align: right;

Where to Paste this Code

This CSS code needs to be copied and pasted into Divi theme customizer in Custom CSS section.

In WordPress admin go to Divi -> Theme Options -> General and scroll down to Custom CSS box.

Here is a video showing you where to place the CSS code in Divi.

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